CFD Naval Design Studio offers the possibility to customer/partners to integrate traditional design methodologies with state of the art numerical methods for fluid dynamics and structural analysis.



Daniele Chiamenti

Graduated in Naval Engineering at the University of Genoa (IT) with a dissertation about preliminary design of a 24 [m] yacht that included the development of an innovative methodology for the structural scantling.
He worked as chief naval engineer at the Naval Branch of CFD Engineering S.r.l. based in Genova (IT), main subcontractor for heavy-duty turbo gas fluid dynamic analyses of the Research & Development Department of Ansaldo Energia.
During this time he performed CFD simulations of sailing and displacing yachts, ships and marine structures. Appendages positioning and tuning, vessel resistance to forward motion, optimisations of keels and appendages, turbulence, boundary layers at kinky locations of the hull geometry constitute some of analysis performed. During his professional career he has had the chance to use and test many commercial CFD softwares and some results were published.Skipper and competitor.



Jacopo Franchin

Graduated in Aerospace Engineering at the Politecnico of Milano (IT) with a dissertation about bird strike onto aluminium stiffened panels at Cranfield University Aerospace (UK).
He was involved as researcher on the investigation of high strain-rate mechanical properties of composite materials at the university of Southampton (UK).
He worked as contractor at GED Sitec during the design and stressing (static and F&DT) of the AIRBUS A380F cargo. During his professional career he gained experience in the stressing on several metallic and composite structures under static, dynamic, thermal and crash conditions.