FEA (Finite Element Analysis)

A variety of industrial applications under the umbrella of the mechanical engineering (such as the aeronautical, biomechanical and automotive sectors) commonly use FEA integrated analysis for the design and development of their products.


Modern FEA packages include a variety of components such as thermal, electromagnetic, fluid, and structural modules.
In a structural analysis, FEA tremendously helps in producing stiffness and strength maps, stresses and displacements distribution and visualization of where the structures critically bend or twist.
FEA allows a full products design and optimisation before manifacturing. FEA benefits include increased accuracy, enhanced design (better insight into critical design parameters), virtual prototyping and a faster and less expensive design cycle.



 The services offered include :

 Static analysis

 Dynamic analysis

 Thermal analysis

 Modal analysis

 Non-linear analysis


 Parametric and optimisation studies